Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Made on January 27th 2011

After you stopped talking to me, everything was black. I had lost my way. I had forgotten who I was, what made me happy, what made me smile, everything that made me me. But after a while some things are coming back. Not very fast but they are coming.
I don't catch myself staring at walls on the verge of tears anymore. I don't constantly day dream that we'll get back together. I don't wish that I never met you anymore.
I've start to realize that I make mistakes. I have to, because God only knows I'm not perfect. I've realized that I have to forgive you for breaking my heart in order for myself to heal, even if you don't want forgiveness.
I'm starting to realize again who makes me laugh, who makes me love life, who gives me a reason to live, and that 'who' is myself. I make myself do all of these things by forgiving, not forgetting. I forgive you, but most of all, I forgive myself for my mistakes.
I'm starting to see that light at the end of the tunnel, I've started to get by hours without thinking about you, I've started to remember who I was before you.
I've started to LIVE again.

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