Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A Regret..

I'm gonna tell you something i hide, something nobody knows even my closest bestfriend. I miss someone. He isn't my ex --cause y'all know that i always miss him--. He isn't my old friend. We made a friendship just months, 3-4 months. It all started by...hmm...he wanted me to follow him back on twitter, and I did it. He asked my bbm's pin, and I gave it. We small talked and it was not just a while. We did it everyday. Just before I woke up, he gave me a sweet-goodmorning-hellos. Before a fall in to my dream, he gave me a sweet-goodnight-wishes. And so many things he did, and I was treated well. At that time...I was still buried alive in memories with my ex...so I didn't take his caring seriously. Til someday he just like ignoring me. No more sweet hellos, no more wishes before fall asleep. And that day I realized, I missed him badly. I checked on his twitter account. He pull a long face..
Since that day, we dont talk to each other. I wanna start but...I dont even know how..