Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Fairytales. Everyone wanna be like that couple that story unfold before your very eyes. Just like in the movies, how could we dont wanna aspire to have that love story that somehow manages to have that perfect ending that makes you have that tingling feeling within your heart.

But the thing is, NOT every relationship is made to be on the silver screen, and NOT everything is as perfect as people think it should be. The problem with those is, that it always comes to an abrupt end. It always surprising you. In our life, it just doesn’t end with a happily ever after, but there are highs and lows.

So don’t expect to have that movie romance. But be ready to have anything but that. Be ready to make a complete untold story with the person you love. Expect words to be spoken from the heart and not from a script like fairytales did. Don’t expect the perfect actions, because we don’t have rehearsal time to make sure we do the right things. Expect spontaneous reaction due to how we feel about one another.

And as much as you want that love that you see just like in the movies, theres something out there so much better. It’s true love, the one that you can only have in real life.

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