Tuesday, 5 June 2012

I can feel her breath as she's sleeping next to me
Sharing pillows and cold feet
She can feel my heart, fell asleep to its beat
Under blankets and warm sheets

If only I could be in that bed again
If only it were me instead of him

Does he watch your favorite movies?
Does he hold you when you cry?
Does he let you tell him all your favorite parts?
When you've seen it a million times

Does he sing to all your music
While you dance to "Purple Rain"?
Does he do all these things
Like I used to?

14 months and 7 days ago
Oh, I know you know how we felt about that night
Just your skin against the window
But we took it slow and we both know

It shoulda been me inside that car
It should have been me instead of him in the dark

I know, love
(Well, I'm a sucker for that feeling)
Happens all the time, love
(I always end up feeling cheated)
You're on my mind, love
(Oh sorta let her when I need it)
That happens all the time, love, yeah

Will he love you like I loved you?
Will he tell you everyday?
Will he make you feel like you're invincible
With every word he'll say?

Can you promise me if this was right?
Don't throw it all away

Can you do all these things?
Will you do all these things
Like we used to?
Oh, like we used to

Akhir akhir ini lagi seneng lagu Like We Used To, gara gara yusi. Jadi lagu iniii, ceritanya tentang apa ya? Tentang cowok yg ditinggalin cewek yg disayang gitu deh. Enggak, bukan perkara ini sesuai sama ceritaku atau gimana, cuma mikir aja. Enak kali ya bisa bikin cowok sampe segitu menyayangkan kalo sampe aku pergi, bukan aku yang terus terusan berusaha mempertahankan. Enak kali ya merasa di harapkan orang lain, bukan aku yg terus terusan mengharap dan seringkali tak berbalas. Enak kali ya di galau-in, bukannya galau sendiri dan nggak tau kapan berakhirnya.

kamu yg dulu terus terusan ku sayangkan kepergiannya, aku dengar sekarang kamu menyesali perbuatan bodohmu?
kamu yg dulu sangat aku harapkan untuk kembali, aku dengar kamu tak pernah absen menanyakan kabarku pada temanku?
kamu yg dulu tidak pernah berhenti membuat hariku kelabu, aku dengar kamu menyalahkan dirimu sendiri yg tak bisa menahanku?

Sudahkah kamu merasa kehilanganku?

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