Tuesday, 9 August 2011

For The Broken Hearted People ;)

Don't go spending your nights waiting for that one phone call you know you never going to get. Or that chat, you know he will never send you simply because he likes to ignore you. He likes to pretend he doesn't see you online, he does it out of spite just because he knows it killing you. When he walks past you on the hallways, he is gonna look past you, but you need to know he will do that to you cause he know somewhere inside you, it will hurt. I'm not gonna lie to you. It will hurt. It’ll hurt a lot. But it will hurt even more when you see her name and how much he loves her in his profile. It’s all gonna hurt. Knowing you’re not the girl that's making him smile. Knowing you’re not the first person he thinks of when he wakes up and the last before he goes to sleep. Knowing you’re not the face on his background of his phone anymore. Knowing if he will delete the album of pictures of you on his phone. Knowing you won't be spending every single moment possible with him. Knowing there's not gonna be no more late night phone calls arguing about who loves who the most. And you know what, today, tomorrow, next week, months from now, you phone will go off with a text message, you will instantly grab your phone hoping its him saying he wants to give your relationship another shot. But trust me, he’s got too much pride. Even if he wanted to be back with you, he wouldn't tell you. Your soon gonna realise he doesn’t care about you anymore and he won't be the first person to call when you are upset. He won't be the one to put a smile back on your face. And yeah its gonna hurt, its gonna hurt a lot. But you know what your gonna do? Your gonna hold your head up. Your gonna show him you are better than him and you don't need him in your life :)

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