Saturday, 8 October 2011

Junior High School Memories Seems So Distant Now

The other day, I ended up just walking around my old junior high school, and all I could think about was how the world was so much smaller then I remembered. It’s weird to go back to a place where so many memories have occurred and to see how much has changed since leaving it all behind a year ago.

It was weird having faint memories come rushing back to me. To know that at one point of my life, these were places which I constantly went to day in and day out. That this world that once was so vastly huge and new to me, now felt so small now that I have grown up at these now aging places. It was weird looking at fields where I ran around with friends. It was weird remembering certain places where certain events happened in my life that can’t ever seem to be erased in my mind. And it was weird to even to think that I could be standing in the same place I was standing in years ago, when I never knew what the future could bring.

On those last days of school, I was just excited to leave and get ready for the next part of my life, never realizing that I was officially closing a chapter in my life. I never realized that I was never going to come back to walk through those hallways ever again that I walked in every day there was school. And if I did manage to go back, everything would be too different. Though it was the same school, I realize how many more hundreds of kids walked through it after me. How many more memories from other people were made and how I'm only part of the history of those places, hardly remembered.

Things change and I know that. But I never truly knew how quickly they managed to do that before. But if you ever go to a place you rarely visited since your childhood, you might realize how far we all came since we were kids learning math for the first time or outside for recess. And to know how much covered in such a short period of time, you realize how many memories, people, and things await you in the future just as there are in the now distant past.

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